Our online file management system is specially designed to manage legal documents and organize all customer enquiries through a 100% digital platform.

Important: Due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19 we are adding new functionalities to the file manager to adapt it to the management and automation of procedures related to legal employment service.

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Value proposition

Increase your data security

Our cloud-based services are compliant with the higher and more strict data protection and security standards. Ensure the confidentiality of our customer’s information is embedded in our company DNA as we have delivered solutions for multiple pharma and banking corporates.

Improve your daily operations

Our clients are reporting an increase between 30% – 200% in their capacity to manage and solve customer’s files and enquires. 

By automatizing the most critical and tedious parts of the process our technology enables our clients to report this increase in productivity. 

Boost your customer satisfaction

An 86% of the customers from the law firms we are currently working report that they are either satisfied or very satisfied with the service provided. Being able to access their legal documentation anytime anywhere is increasing their retention and loyalty.

Digital solutions

Due to the health crisis of COVID-19 LambdaLoopers is adapting and integrating its solution with other tools used by law firms such as communication services, digital signature or document management systems. Thereby we enable law firms to streamline the high picks of enquires and files to manage. 

"Now is the time for Digital Transformation"

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